Rottweilers and Bull Terriers

Get Outstanding Training Services for Aggressive Dogs

Right Training Lessons for Your Rottweiler or Bull Terrier

Many handlers and trainers will not work with the breeds of dog that are considered to be aggressive or dangerous. The trainers and handlers at Pups Dog Training & Pet Sitting provide professional training to large dogs. They have an understanding of these breeds and will train them in a better way.
With proper handling and the right training, the trainers will work with your loving companion. Your well-behaved dog can become an ambassador for the breed.

Our Other Services for Dogs

Our location has been open since 1993 but our founder has over 31 years of experience in working with pets in a variety of situations.
With service within a 20-mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA, you'll be able to get the pet training and pet sitting care you need.
For a FREE evaluation on our aggressive dog training lessons, call us.
We have flexible business hours. Feel free to call us for more information.
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