Pet Training

Excellent Training Lessons for Your Dog

Make Your Dog Learn Basic Training Skills

Your pup should learn basic training skills like learning how to sit, come, lie down, or stay with the help of hand signals or voice commands. By having your dog learn these basic skills, you'll be able to correct bad manners, behavioral issues, and teach your dog new and fun tricks.
The expert trainers at Pups Dog Training & Pet Sitting will work with your pets in order to help them achieve your obedience goals, or you can have us work with a rescue dog that needs extra care. For more information, call us at 412-798-1800.

One-On-One Training Lessons for Your Dog

Since your pet will have one-on-one training, the lessons will be structured to their needs. You can even have us train your dog to participate in dog shows!
Get a FREE evaluation before you get started. After you see how amazing our trainers are, you'll be able to work out a training schedule that works on your time frame.
For a FREE evaluation on our dog training lessons, call us.
Our dog training programs are competitively priced. Call us.
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